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DOOM 3: Save Ammo mod

Version: 1.0
Last modified: 2008/10/27 (checked on 2019/9/30 — all works fine)
Download Save Ammo mod (33 kb)
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Installation and use
Mod details


This mod is good for people who:
— think that there is too much ammo in the game,
— want to play a level more difficult than Veteran, but don't like the Nightmare level for some reason.

In this mod the ammo quantity and the capacity of medkits and armors are decreased by about a half. The damage of some weapons is also decreased by 10-20%. In addition, when the game starts your health level is only 25 units, that creates a meaning for numerous medkits scattered around at the beginning of the game. Monsters aren't modified except the final boss — Cyberdemon — its strength is doubled.

Surely it depends on the way you are playing, but according to my own experience, the original Doom 3 is overstocked with ammunition. With this mod you'll have to search and grab most of the secret storages and have to save your ammunition down to the last bullet.

doom3: lack of ammunition
With a wrong strategy you may have a high chance to be out of the ammo in this mod.
final boss - Cyberdemon
However, there is still enough ammunition to have all your weapons fully loaded before the final battle.


Item New capacity Original capacity
Security armor 25 50
Armor shard 3 5
Large medkit health 15 25
Small medkit health 5 15
Weapon ammo
Ammo item New capacity Original capacity
Pistol bullets (small) 6 12
Pistol bullets (large) 18 36
Shotgun shells (small) 4 8
Shotgun shells (large) 8 16
Machinegun clip (small) 15 30
Machinegun clip (large) 30 45
Grenades 3 5
Rockets (small) 3 5
Rockets (large) 6 10
Plasmagun cells (small) 15 25
Plasmagun cells (large) 25 50
Chaingun belt 30 60
Dropped weapon ammo
(ammo you get when pick up a weapon)
Weapon New capacity Original capacity
Pistol 6 12
Plasmagun 25 50
Chaingun 20 30
Rocketlauncher 3 5
Weapon damage
Weapon New damage Original damage
Pistol 12 14
Shotgun 12 14
Machinegun 8 9
Chaingun 16 20
Plasmagun 13 16
Monster New strength Original strength
Cyberdemon 8000 4000
Player item New value Original value
Initial bullets 12 48
Initial shells 8 0
Initial health 25 100
Maximum health 125 100
Maximum armor 150 125


This mod is balanced for the Veteran difficulty, although it can be used with any difficulty level. I hope the following recommendations will be helpful for anyone who has difficulties playing this mod.
— don't miss dropped items and secret storages, otherwise you will be empty soon;
— use explosives whenever possible;
— don't use heavy weapons for slow monsters like zombies, use the pistol or the chainsaw;
— it is good to use the pistol even for killing strong monsters when they are far enough;
— aim the head for higher damage;
— don't forget that you can use your flashlight for killing single weak creatures like Trites or Lost Souls.

Installation and use

  1. Unzip d3-save-ammo.zip into the Program Files\Doom 3 directory. Confirm that SaveAmmo directory appeared there, like the following:

    C:\Program Files\Doom 3\SaveAmmo
  2. Start Doom 3 as usual, then choose Mods from the game menu.
  3. Select Save Ammo mod from mod list and press Load mod.
  4. As in usual game, press New Game, choose difficulty level and play.
  5. Save your ammo :)

* This mod can be installed only on the original DOOM 3 game (as far as I know Doom 3: BFG Edition does not support mods).

Mod select menu
Mod select menu.
Health 25 units
If you see only 25 units of health as the game starts, that means the mod is properly installed.

Technical details

Contents of zip-archive:

* The archive does not contain any executable files.

pk4 file is actually a usual zip-archive, that can be unzipped with any compression tool. You can also change the pk4 file extension to zip and simply open it, for example, in Windows explorer.

Contents of pak000.pk4:
— ammo.def
— items.def
— monster_boss_cyberdemon.def
— player.def
— weapon_chaingun.def
— weapon_handgrenade.def
— weapon_machinegun.def
— weapon_pistol.def
— weapon_plasmagun.def
— weapon_rocketlauncher.def
— weapon_shotgun.def

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